Common Situation:

A client came to us and said "we need to do something more to highlight our products/services during the holiday season - but we don't know quite how."

Let us please introduce you to the Concept-to-Creation model that we follow...

After going through some initial discussions about preferred themes, colors, styles, specifications, and budgets - we put the project into the hands of our expert in-house graphic artists that then use their toolbox of resources to visually depict to the client what their proposed decor will look like. To make the rendering even more real for the client - we will use existing photography or that provided by the client to help "bring the decor to life." Providing myriads of options and permutations of colors and styles, the project continues to the client review process, where we will go through a series of modifications and revisions that will not end - until the client is 100% satisfied and pleased with their proposed decor.

The project then heads into the hands of our skilled project management team, that will work with the client and the account executive directly to ensure that their package is produced on-time and on-budget; every time.

At any point in the entire process we encourage complete client interaction and any member of the team is available to speak with you should you have any questions or concerns in reference to your project.

At Downtown Decorations, Inc. we value our customers and employ a sense of committed and personal service that has all too often been lost in today's world. Any company can sell decorations - but only Downtown Decoration's provides the support, friendly voices and industry expertise that allow decor projects to be executed seamlessly and without duress.

Trust experience, trust committed customer support, trust the leaders - contact the experts at Downtown Decorations, Inc. today!

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