Do you place more importance on interior or exterior decorations?

Wow - This is a great exterior holiday decor display!

The debate has lived on for decades. However, recent research suggests that exterior decor may have a greater impact on a property's bottom line. Drawing visitors into the property, forcing them out of their vehicles, encouraging them to explore, etc. etc. - exterior decorations are "front cover" of your book. They say not to judge a book by its cover - but in terms of holiday decorations and consumer psychology - the more visually appealing the exterior of your property - the greater likelihood that a consumer/visitor will want to "explore" to find out what might be visually stunning that they are missing. It is this eternal and subconscious search and desire to see more, that translates into creating an experience and memory. It is with the creation of this positive experience that consumers often unbeknownst to them "agree" to return. Not only to return - but to tell everyone they know about how pleasant, festive, and fun the property and decorations were.

Giant tree (beautifully ornamented and lit), Giant ornament stack, Custom topiaries, Architectural lighting, Building front wrap (to look like a present with blue bow), Standalone props, Lighting galore, etc, etc.

Kudos on a job very well done!

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