Downtown Decorations’ new facility

In October of 2012, Downtown Decorations bought a new building. As a growing company, we needed more space, and fast. So, we left our old rental on Deere Road for a new building twice the size. We began construction on our new Joy Road facility in January of 2013 and everything was finished up and move-in ready by April. Our senior designer, Abby Hagerty, came up with the design for the office. According to Abby, she focused on the following:
-Designing a floor plan to reflect the collaborative personality of Downtown Decorations
-Creating departments within the floor plan arrangement to increase productivity and efficiency
-Creating break out spaces where informal and impromptu meetings and collaborations can occur
-Having modern and clean finishes and fixtures with splashes of our brand colors (red, white, black)
-The ability to expand into the production area to accommodate the growing business

To see some before and after pictures of our new building, click on the read more button below. You can also check out an article that the Greater Syracuse Business Development Corporation wrote about our new building by clicking here.

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