Jayson Siano – Epitomizing Customer Service in One Short Paragraph

Customer Service is key - At Downtown Decorations we employ a customer centric model that focuses in on providing our clients and prospective clients with the absolute highest levels of support and customer service - unparallelled in the industry. Jayson Siano epitomizes this model and the same approach that Downtown employs. As an industry leader we 99.9% of the time will have the product, package, solution, or design concept perfect for you - if we don't, we will consult specialty experts and will work to oversee the complete success of the project utilizing the best and brightest minds possible. Please read Jayson's thoughts below...

Sabre offers its tenant representation services nationwide, he added, but enlists the help of local experts when dealing with areas outside of its primary region. “A large corporation will pass [a client] off to their local office, with no retail expert in it, to try to keep it in-house; we’ll refer that client to the best retail professional in that market,” Siano said. “Our clients will ask us to go outside of our boundaries because of the level of service we provide – they feel they’re not going to get that same service elsewhere. But if we don’t have the right support in those local markets, we’re not going to operate there. We won’t take an assignment that we can’t service to the best of our ability.”

Excerpt and quote published in Dealmakers magazine (CRE specific industry magazine with the latest real property transactions and news). Quote by: Jayson Siano, Managing Principal, Sabre Real Estate Group of NYC.

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