Notes from the VP: Christmas Creep and August Creep

I feel like as soon as fall hits, the conversation turns to Christmas Creep, and by default, Halloween Creep. This is the phenomenon in which every year retailers roll out Christmas ads and merchandise a few days earlier and earlier, Christmas parties start spilling into November, and Santa Claus is out before Thanksgiving. All that being said, there is another disturbing trend that’s happening that is near and dear to my heart -- August Creep.

I’m a beach fanatic and a chaser of the Endless Summer -- ironic for a guy in my line of work. I’ve started to notice fall creeping into August more and more. Preseason football is on, and people are talking about apple picking and pumpkin beer. Summer is a precious gift and we’re killing it far too soon.

Recently, the following article on the subject came out in the WSJ: It’s great reading for any lover of summer.

We’ve got 10 days left before the unofficial start of football, cider, and pumpkins. Have you summered properly?

Garrett Peterson
Vice President
Downtown Decorations, Inc.

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