Presenting Rooftop Lighting of the Rosslyn Virginia Skyline During Holiday Season 2012 – Project Completed in Conjunction with Rosslyn VA BID and Downtown Decorations, Inc.

So, when we dispatched a nationwide network of photographers to capture some of our favorite and most custom decor projects of 2011 - we never thought we would get back some of the shots that we did. Included top among this list is a set of photos we shot while attempting to get a perspective view of the rooftop skyline of Rosslyn, VA where Downtown Decorations, Inc. partnered with Rosslyn, Virginia Business Improvement District to provide roof-line lighting for the high rises within the district.
Thank you to Abbie Rufener for capturing these spectacular shots of the skyline looking over the Potomac, as evening quickly turns to dusk. Some very frame worthy pictures. Thanks again Abbie!
Only downfall - our skyline is only part of these beautiful pictures - the eye tends to wander to the breathtaking reflection on the water - look closely and you will see an exquisite rooftop lighting extending throughout the metro region.  

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