So, where the heck have you been?

So - We are sure that some of our more observant followers have noticed that we have been a bit absent since the holidays. Well, we haven't been slacking or playing hooky... We have had over 50+ hrs of executive planning sessions, 80+ hrs of creative workshop/brainstorming sessions, 50+ hrs of vendor/product related analysis, and over 24+ hrs of full staff meetings - pfeww - we are exhausted. But, the course for 2012 has been set and we are eager to implement a number of changes, design concepts, new products, and new processes to make a huge splash in the 2012 holiday season.

The Downtown Decorations experience will be better than ever as we have added extra support staff and additional project managers to ensure that ANY project no matter how big or how small receives absolute white glove treatment. At Downtown Decorations - the customer is the #1 focus!

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