Step 1 to a Successful Decor Program: Expert Consultation

Each year we sell tens of thousands of products and packages to thousands of customers around the US and the globe. However, the sale is actually one of the final steps in a much longer, strategic process that requires the skilled expertise of industry leading sales and design consultants.

Of course, if you need 200 blue LED bulbs or 1 14ft artificial Christmas tree or even 26 12ft tall fiberglass nutcrackers for the front of your office building - we are here to help. But, where what we really love to do it to put our expertise and trend leading reputation to work. Our designers and graphic artists are literally the best in the industry - they have been specifically recruited for their vision, experience, and reputations. In fact - the majority of commercial and municipal holiday decorations you see in the nation's cities and shopping malls have been designed by the experts that work at Downtown Decorations. As such, we pride ourselves in providing a unique service - absolutely and completely free of charge - comprehensive design consultation. As part of the consultation process we will:

  • Analyze your current decor
  • Discuss decor you have implemented in the past
  • Discuss your objectives
  • SWOT analysis of your venue in terms of decor implementation and impact
  • Discuss your goals (fiscal, impact, visual, PR, etc...)
  • Discuss and review your demographics and their expectations
  • Discuss and review tourism as applied to your location
  • Discuss and analyze your budget to allow for proper suggestions
  • Discuss trending products
  • Discuss services to accompany current decor items and future suggested decor items 

So, as we had said - we are more than happy to sell you exactly 250ft of light line - but our true talents are our abilities to provide you with a custom decor solution that not only meets your needs and preferences but also your budget - all the time - shattering your expectations.

We look forward to providing you outstanding expert decor consultation!

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