The 2011 Holiday Season is Over :(

Presents have been exchanged, dinners cooked, waistlines expanded...its true - the 2011 holiday season is officially over.

Other than lots of leftover ham and about 10 extra pounds, we are left with many great memories of the 2011 holiday season. Hundreds of new clients, some very exciting custom flagship decor products, and many, many laughs along the way - 2011 was good to all of us and we are excited about the prospect of 2012.

Over the next few months the team at Downtown Decorations will be on the road going to trade shows, round tables, lectures, circuits, sourcing new products/vendors, developing new design concepts, and meeting with our most important contacts - our clients.

Stay tuned...we will keep you updated along the way showing pictures of our travels, articles acquired along the way, new products/concepts/designed, etc, etc...

For the interim - check back frequently as we will be posting many pictures from the 2011 holiday decor season - actual pictures taken by some of our extremely happy clients, as well as some professionally dispatched photography!

On behalf of the entire Downtown Decorations team - we would like to thank all of you for your continued support, dedication, business, and interest. If we can be of any assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Wishing a very happy, prosperous, and safe 2012.

~ Downtown Decorations Team

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