The Debate of the Generations: Warm White vs. Cool White LED’s

So many of our clients look for to us for guidance on what has become the holiday decorating question of the decade: What looks "better" warm white (incandescent appearance) or the cool whites (contemporary - bluish appearance).

The answer: It's completely up to you. It is not a matter of what is "better," instead the answer should be derived from your environment, your objective, and your basic thoughts on what would best compliment or promote your property.

Some trends we have observed:

Many in the Southwest and West prefer the look of the contemporary cool white LED's while those in the Northeast and South prefer a more traditional appearance provided by the warm white lights.

Does age play a factor? This is an intersting question from a consumer psychology standpoint. Our senior account executives report that they have watched over the years as the consensus has began to shift from nearly completely incandescent warm white loooks to the more "contemporary" look of the cool whites.

Based on your venue, your clientele/visitors, and your objectives, the expert designers at Downtown Decorations are eager to assist you in choosing the most befitting lighting choices.

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